Sept 24: Utilizing RFID, GPS and Tablets for Effective Digital Data Collection and Management


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Advanced Data Logistics has been helping companies transition to the digital oilfield for more than 5 years. This Alberta-based technology service provider is the leading turnkey data collection and management solution in Western Canada and is rapidly growing their operations. ADL is focused on continuing to add more service offerings and refining their existing offerings to be more efficient and value-added.


ADL utilizes field-tested hardware in combination with proprietary data collection software to create the Field Data Collection System. ADL began by digitizing Cathodic Protection surveys, eliminating manual data entry, transcription errors, and unnecessary overhead costs for both the CP vendor and the producing company.
The successes met in the CP space have been scaled to include other areas of operations as ADL has grown and expanded. ADL now offers a range of data collection templates for many different aspects of operations. This includes riser surveys, asset inventory, dig programs, right of way patrol, valve surveys, e-pigging, core logging and more.
Data collection and management using the ADL System generates significant cost savings for producers through the rationalization of inventory, efficiency gains and streamlining of operations. RFID, Barcode and optical character recognition technology generate further gains in efficiency for organizations that choose to leverage them. All of them are fully integrated into the ADL system.
This TIS will provide producers and vendors an opportunity to learn about this new methodology for collecting and managing oil and gas field data, and the different ways in which ADL has applied their system to oil and gas operations.

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