NOV 6: Disruptive compression technology for production process enhancement solutions


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Technology information session would introduce and provide highlights of new disruptive passive compression technology for production process enhancement. Compression technology known as the Surface Jet Pump (SJP) employs existing high-pressure and flow (which otherwise be wasted in normal process operations) as the motive force, resulting in conservation of recurring fuel cost. The salient advantages of SJP as compared to conventional technology such as compressors are; it’s passive has no moving parts, is compact, requires no operators, consume zero electrical power or fuel gas, has zero emissions, has much lower capital cost, is maintenance free and has fast delivery and deployment. Surface Jet Pumps can be utilized for flare/vent gas recovery, boosting production from low pressure wells (including stripper wells) that have been liquid loaded/not producing and for replacing LP or intermediate compressors, thus saving considerable capital & operational costs and carbon footprint.

This proven patented technology has been effectively deployed worldwide for onshore & offshore locations in UK, Holland, Saudi Arabia, USA, Oman, Nigeria, Norway, North Sea and North Africa. Payback in all scenarios has been weeks to months.

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