OCT 23: Anax Power


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Join Anax Power on October 23rd  to learn how the Anax Turboexpander generates clean power from natural gas, without combustion. This event covers natural gas pressure regulation, and how Anax’s technology generates clean power from this process by harnessing the pressure and flow of gas moving through pipelines.

Regulating Stations maintain acceptable operating pressure in hundreds of thousands of miles of pipelines across the world. These stations makeup an integral part of the global natural gas infrastructure, but are inefficient and waste easily-accessible, lucrative energy.

Gas Letdown Generators (GLGs) generate renewable energy from the flow of natural gas through pressure regulating stations. By employing an inline turboexpander, these systems generate electricity by expanding natural gas to an appropriate outlet pressure and temperature

By harnessing wasted energy in pressure regulating stations, the Anax Turboexpander improves overall efficiency in the natural gas supply chain. The clean power from the Anax Turboexpander can be fed directly into the power grid, used to offset the captive load of large natural gas and electricity customers, or in many other applications, making it an integral part of corporate sustainability goals. This system recovers millions of dollars in value for pipelines, natural gas generators, large industrials, and more!

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