Oct 2: Hydrogen Economy Retrofit Option (H.E.R.O.)


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Join us on October 2 to learn how legacy sour gas plants in the province could be converted, at relatively low cost, into large scale/centralized hydrogen and CO2 production facilities.  Hydrogen can be transported within the province or to external markets as a hydrogen/methane mix or “hythane” to allow use of existing pipelines, compression equipment for use as a low carbon fuel, or by separating the hydrogen and methane at a downstream source.

Patro Research Ltd. and New Paradigm Engineering Ltd. have identified a major opportunity for innovation which is potentially unique to Alberta and could:

  • Provide a low cost source of hydrogen, to reduce emissions from a wide range of stationary combustion sources, chemical processing, and alternative fuels;
  • Provide upstream oil producers with a low cost local source of CO2 for Enhanced Oil Recovery;
  • Provide mid-stream processors with sour gas processing capacity and pipeline companies with surplus gas transmission capacity, with a way to extend the life of their capital assets with minimal new investment;
  • Provide increased, and value added markets, for natural gas producers;
  • Provide renewable energy generators with a lower cost and more efficient method of getting renewable energy to new markets, while also providing energy storage;
  • Provide on-going jobs and economic diversification in Alberta and in communities currently being faced with losses in their economic future due to looming shutdowns of oil, gas and gas processing facilities.
  • Provide a pathway for Alberta and Canada to take an economic step towards a lower carbon economy without relying on major government subsidies or a total abandonment of viable fossil fuel supplies.

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