Hydropti Water Management for Hydraulic Fracturing Operations Webinar


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Join PTAC’s Alberta Upstream Petroleum Research Fund (AUPRF) on April 23 to learn about the Hydropti web-based decision support tool. Members and non-members of PTAC, CRIN, CAPP and EPAC can attend for free.

Ahad Sarraf from Process Ecology will be on hand during this online webinar to discuss the benefits that Hydropti brings to water management in hydraulic fracturing operations. With potential reductions to operating costs and freshwater requirements, Hydropti enables users to explore all water sourcing, transport, storage and disposal possibilities via powerful algorithms. Hydropti enables the efficient evaluation of alternative water transport options and quantifies KPIs such as total distance driven (for trucking), GHG emissions, cost of water and flowback handling as well as assisting in the identification of optimal location and size of storage facilities. Hydropti implements a modern graphical user interface on a web-based platform for easy access and intuitive workflows.

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